"Atrium Parma" with prestigious façade

"Atrium Parma" with prestigious façade

The new office building complex in Parma looks resplendent with a rear-ventilated building envelope made using fiber cement panels.

Splendid offices

The town of Parma, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, is one of northern Italy’s leading business centers and is well known for its gastronomic tradition. In Autumn 2016 the pioneering “Atrium” complex was completed at this central location after two years of construction.

The prestigious new center with splendid offices is situated at the corner of Via Mazzacavallo and Via Paradigna. Five cubic, multi-story volumes are grouped around a central building within a park-like estate. Façades with room-high glass surfaces and white panels emphasize the sharp-edged geometry of the six building units and accentuate the clear, modern look. The complex was erected by the architect Federico Pella, partner of the Italian architecture firm J + S srl, contracted by the Parma-based real estate company Alpe srl.

The building façades have a total area of 4,000 m2 and are clad with the Swisspearl® product SWISSPEARL. The large-format panels give the façades their individual, characteristic appearance as well as providing a highly effective protection.


Photo by Max Allegritti
Photo by Max Allegritti
Photo by Max Allegritti

PDF Plan


Key Facts

Project name
Complesso Atrium – Parma, Italy


Arch. Federico Pella – J+S SRL – Via Brodolini, 29 – 20863 Concorezzo (MB) Italy

Type of the building
Directional Centre


Via Paradigna, 38/a, Parma, Italy


SWISSPEARL CARAT Color References: Onyx 7099 – Black Opal 7020


Building period
2014 – 2016


Max Allegritti


ALPE srl

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