39th Salon of Architecture, Belgrade

39th Salon of Architecture, Belgrade

Report of the Jury of the 39th Salon of Architecture

Jury of the 39th Salon of Architecture consisting of:

  • Irena Videnov, Chairperson
  • Duško Filipovski
  • Nenad Stjepanović
  • Miroljub Stanković
  • Maruša Zorec

    Hereby notes that there were 233 work nominated for this year’s Salon within all the categories. The Jury has decided that 112 works deserved to be included in the official selection, and that 77 works from 6 categories: architecture, urban planning, interior design, experiment and research, publications, architectural review, were eligible for awards.

    During the selection of the works submitted and evaluation of candidates, it has been noted that the topic of this year’s 39th Salon of Architecture, IS completely set “in reality”, as if it has pre-defined the essence: in which milieu of social responsibility today’s authors realise and promote their work, (attempting) to consistently follow their expression and the value of an authentic designing process, while, at the same time, they should justify the investment, “overcome” a bureaucratic mechanism – set parameters and limitations, in the current context of the environment in which they are acting. The topic of what is REALLY possible and feasible, what is a current state of the creative process, how much we really deal with the originality of a justifiable and clear expression, and what sort of work it brings as a result – these were the criteria for awarding the following honours, acknowledgements and prizes:



    goes to the author Predrag Milutinović
    for the realised project Paralympic Centre in Kragujevac


    Source mpu.rs


    Source mpu.rs


    The author takes into consideration the overall reality of the needs of the thematic centre users, sportspersons with disability, without any barriers for accommodation, reconvalescence, recreation and rehabilitation, and also incorporates simple, ground-floor, accessible and logical forms through a clear and suitable character. The author stood out with this work as he had used natural materials, without lobbying for the popular trends and materials, but firmly following his perseverance in the idea and process of realisation of the entire facility. In his work, the Jury also recognised the facility’s unobtrusive fitting into the historical heritage, whereby the historical value of the famous Memorial Park 21st October by the architects Ivan Antić and Ivanka Raspopović in Kragujevac was touched and repeated through the use of traditional bricks in a simplified, this time ground-floor form of balanced masses. The Paralympic Centre is a significant, successful creation which has been the only one of such a type in this part of Europe so far.



    goes to the authors Marija Simović and Petar Simović
    for the realised project N1 Housing, Kragujevac


    Source mpu.rs


    Source mpu.rs


    The facility stands out with its realised innovativeness and interpolation of 2D street form of façade and its interior space organisation, in a courageous composition of a street pellicular structure made of HPL materials, whose obvious function is to protect, both in the context of real space and unreal, chaotic, urban environment, which the authors successfully subdued. The authors made the most of the enforced limited access to the building, at the expense of the street façade map which is clearly raised from the terrain, thereby carefully dosing the final design of the entire form in a positive context. The problem is still reflected in relation to the facility’s neighbours, in the proximity of the domineering gable walls and in concealing of these very neighbours. With this and the previous project, the Jury wholeheartedly supported the distinctive regional development, through displayed, realised prominent works in smaller urban areas.



    goes to the authors Zoran Radojičić, Svetlana Petrović, Žarko Ćajić
    for the realised project Ghana – Cargo Centre

    Source mpu.rs


    Source mpu.rs


    The comeback of a national construction engineering giant – Energoprojekt to the world scene, both in designing, as well as in constructing of significant public facilities outside the European continent, inspires optimism in our professional reality. The facility stands out with its clear design expression, clear form, distinctive authorial handwriting. It is a realised project that gives a special incentive to the Serbian architectural margin, at the global level.



    goes to the authors of Antipod Studio Milan Stefanović, Branko Nikolić, Petar Savić
    for the realised project Interior Design of the Company Seven Bridges Genomics, Belgrade


    Source mpu.rs


    Source mpu.rs


    The extensive and demanding undertaking of 5,000 m2 of office space, in reality, when employers are often not “present” to provide their employees with an adequate space for productive work and creation, for a short break during their working hours – areas which, by their purpose, equipment, installations, applied technology, make the achievement of the best results possible inside them; in this space authors went even a step further, they achieved a visual and material balance, play of light, colour and reflection by combining the entire area in a simplified and logical form.



    goes to the author Miroslav Stefanović
    for the realised project

    Reconstruction of the Public Garage Zeleni venac, Belgrade


    ©Miroslav Stefanović


    ©Miroslav Stefanović


    Public Garage Zeleni Venac | Reconstruction of public garage Zeleni venac


    Type of building


    Kraljice Natalije 13, Belgrade, Serbia


    Miroslav Stefanović /Dobrinjska 8a, Belgrade, Serbia


    Miroslav Stefanović, Dobrinjska 8a, Belgrade, Serbia


    Building Period


    General contractor
    Millennium team / Vojvode Stepe 390, Belgrade, Serbia


    Façade construction
    AluBuild Engineering/ Bore Markovića 23-24, Belgrade, Serbia


    Swisspearl products
    SWISSPEARL 8mm REFLEX Mystic Brown 9271


    Source and Photos of www.mpu.rs (April 20, 2017)

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