Swisspearl Training, Niederurnen, Switzerland

Swisspearl Training, Niederurnen, Switzerland

Twice a year, we invite our new distributors to our headquarters in Niederurnen, Switzerland in order to show them the world of Swisspearl. It is important to have partners who know the company philosophy to bring the company’s own ideologies to the market.

On May 8, 2017, visitors from around the world travelled to the Glarus Alps to get acquainted with our company and meet the people who work there. To help ensure our guests had a pleasant conclusion to a long and exhausting journey here, the training began with an evening meal in a typical Glarus restaurant. Most visitors were still totally overtaken with the mountains and landscape here – features we here at Swisspearl sometimes forget to notice with such detail anymore.




On the second day, May 9th, the agenda got down business for the distributors. The training itself started off with a round of introductions by our staff. It is important that our partners are able to put faces to the names they work with every day to make their work with different cultures a little easier. Throughout the morning, our distributors became familiar with the inner mysteries of Swisspearl – our history, global presence and references, as well as our product range and our marketing/sales tools: everything was presented in detail so that our company philosophy was conveyed authentically and could therefore be communicated around the world.


After this theory-based aspect, lunch was followed by the practical component. A factory tour provided our new partners with a glimpse into our central headquarters. From the production lines to the color lab – we didn’t hold anything back from our distributors. Many were completely amazed at the size of our company premises and by the number of employees working here for Swisspearl. Finally, after this impressive tour, the technical training with our technical advisors began. Our distributors need to know exactly how our panels are assembled and how they should be handled on the job.

Factory Tour



The third and final day began with a visit to the Research and Development Center where we revealed the workings of our product testing and innovations. This is always a truly exciting part of our training, since our partners are able to see exactly how the product testing is carried out and what this all means. With all these new impressions in mind, the tour then continued through Switzerland, with a number of stops at Swisspearl buildings. Some projects have already been around for several years and yet still look as though they have just recently been redone. The tour lets our partners not only learn a great deal about Swisspearl and admire our projects, but it also gives them a chance to get to know and love all the various facets of Switzerland. The day was topped off with a cruise on Lake Zurich and then a leisurely return to the Glarus region to enjoy a final evening meal together.

Swisspearl Panels Tour



Swisspearl attaches great importance to ensuring that our distributors from around the globe understand our values. It is crucial to us that we maintain good personal contact to work together in uncomplicated and clear partnerships.

Robert Wirichs, Chief Sales Officer, Swisspearl


We would like to take this opportunity to give thanks for the exciting days with interesting discussion; we look forward to our next training session in September 2017.



Swisspearl Training


Niederurnen, Switzerland


20 distributors from all over the world


May 8th – 10th, 2017



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