Urban Gardening with "Stelz"

Urban Gardening with "Stelz"

Living areas are becoming increasingly smaller and the yearning for garden space is ever increasing. As a consequence of this trend, Swisspearl® is bringing in a whole new system of shelf framing. It is called “Stelz” and in the report in the magazin “Florist” was planted by gardener and florist Severin Stadler.

Simone Gumpp The new shelf frame by Swisspearl® makes urban gardening with style a real possibility even with the barest minimum of space. Small balconies don’t offer a lot of space for plants but still can provide much joy with a personal tiny herb garden or vertical greening. Hence the development of this modular and ultimately flexible shelf system. Created by the Zumbühl design studio, where experience in furniture design and interior architecture had an impact on the final product.

Design with a concept

The linear shelving let me create a richly diverse planting consisting of a whole mix of different forms, movements and surfaces. A diverse selection of plants makes the design interesting and lets the onlooker enjoy discovering something different each time.”

Severin Stadler is an ornamental horticulturalist and florist with a Swiss degree, designed a planting scheme for each of the interior and exterior areas.


Desire | Possibilities | Outcome

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Courage to be virtuous, even in an herb garden

With his extensive know-how, Severin Stadler combines a range of different herb with succulents and houseplants. He believes that “customers still love their herbs. But it is high time for new ideas in plantings.” These kinds of combinations mean that customers can have both an herb garden and a stylish vertical greening in even very small spaces. The wide range of floral materials and various surface textures ensures that even a clay-on-clay design is interesting and varied. The whole design concept is topped off by Severin Stadler by letting the background have its impact too. The red façade stands in fascinating contrast complementing the floral patterns.


Design factors


Play with a wide range of different surface types (smooth, leathery, velvety, waxy etc.). This automatically generates an intriguing character for the design.


Yellow, the new trend color: a light yellow combined with a yellowish green gives a fresh and lively look. Add in specific color bridges such as a yellow and green variegated leaf plant and a connection between the deep green leaves and the yellow blossoms is created.


When choosing your materials, pay attention to variations in size, movement, colors and forms in order to achieve a diverse look.

Hints for interior spaces

With such a mixed and diverse planting design, watering is no easy task. Plant orchids directly into pots.

Hints for exterior spaces

A covering with a mineral substrate (Longtimesubstrat) does much for Mediterranean herbs and succulent rhipsalis varieties. Combine exotic groupings of flowering banksias for a decorative touch.


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©Zumbühl Designstudio


©Zumbühl Designstudio


©Zumbühl Designstudio


©Zumbühl Designstudio


Key Facts

Product name


Zumbühl Designstudio, Winterthur, Switzerland


Chrome steel & spruce




Stelz vertical

©Zumbühl Designstudio

Stelz horizontal

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