Administration Building Bratislava Slovakia

Administration Building Bratislava Slovakia


Since 1991 Client company offers include the Slovak air rescue system, air transport and helicopter maintenance service and support. The head office was built near the airport in Poprad, under the High Tatra mountains in Slovakia.


This brand new building offers new space for administrative offices in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The site is highly attractive and exponed, because it is located near the entrance to the main Slovak airport named in honor of General M.R. Štefánik.


The architect was hoping to design a very simple building, with very basic colors but which would not to be quiet and boring. The main goal is the motion captured in the “flying windows”, which are seen from both inside and out. If you view the building from the exterior, you can see that the faces appear to move slightly. When viewed from the inside through the destroyed window shape, the world seems to be moving.


The building was constructed with a concrete skeleton; the facades were built using a concrete base with thermal insulation in an affixed ventilated facade system. All of the windows have electric blinds to allow incoming sun to be regulated during hot summer days. Solar panels are used for heating water.

Outside in, Inside out

©Peter W. Haas


©Peter W. Haas


©Peter W. Haas


©Peter W. Haas


©Peter W. Haas


©Peter W. Haas


Key Facts

Administration Building, Bratislava, Slovakia


Airport of Gen. M.R. Štefánik entrance area, Bratislava, Slovakia


Air Transport Europe, s.r.o., Poprad, Slovakia


Tomáš Sobota, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia


Peter W. Haas, Slovakia


Building period
2012 – 2013


General contractor
Širila, a.s., Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia


Façade construction
Korp, s.r.o., Nitra, Slovakia


Façade material

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