Incek CEPA Houses, Ankara, Turkey

Incek CEPA Houses, Ankara, Turkey


A good project is not just based on good products – it is as important that all elements are considered and worked just right during installation. For this reason, for Swisspearl it is always a key concern to be present on site in order to assist and advise the local installation companies. Swisspearl technical advisor Hansruedi Leuzinger travelled to Turkey to see the smooth start of construction for a major project and to introduce the builders to the particularities of the rear-ventilated façade.

Under construction



Hansruedi Leuzinger Close to one-third of the panels of the 30,000 square meter project in Ankara have now arrived at the construction site. The installation team was ready for the Swisspearl technical training.

We covered topics such as a special custom cut for the panels, drilling of the holes for attachment and finally sealing of the cut components. Once these points had all been clarified, we proceeded to the actual installation. We created a sample façade with a corner detail and a window joint. These are aspects that demand special attention and installation according to our specifications is crucial. The builders were very pleased to get the extra training for this installation and that we had made the effort to travel all the way from Switzerland to Turkey.

At the end of the training we went over any remaining details that were unclear and addressed any concerns. My work was thus done for the time being and I set off to return to my office in the Swiss Alps. We continue to be available for the local workers from our main office in Niederurnen, should questions arise. Our support can be counted on – whether on the job site or from the office.

We look forward to seeing how the project unfolds and will keep you posted here on our blog. Allow yourself to be amazed at how the project will turn out once everything is installed and all the work is done.

Project overview

©A Tasarım



CEPA Houses


Incek, Ankara, Turkey


Üstünçelik A.Ş.


A Tasarım, Turkey


Swisspearl & A Tasarım


Building period
2016 – ongoing (façade works started in 2017)


General contractor
Üstünçelik A.Ş.


Façade construction
Vetta Yapı


Façade consultant
Mina-tek System Solutions


Façade material
SWISSPEARL CARAT Coral 7030, 7031, 7032
SWISSPEARL Black Opal 7020

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