Product launch: Incora

Product launch: Incora


Swisspearl proudly announces Incora, the brand new façade panel.


The one-of-a-kind result – a vivid character

Part 5/5

Drawing on meticulous precision and long-standing expertise, the Niederurnen factory has always produced quality products for façades made from fiber cement. However, the spreading technique using natural marble granules is a first. The granules resemble amorphous structures from nature and shape the character as well as the incomparable individuality of Incora, our new quality product. Every Incora panel is one of a kind.


©Shantanu Starick + Stefan Radinger


The pressing process – an incomparable symbiosis

Part 4/5

With the help of a pressing process, the individual granules are incorporated gradually into the wet fiber cement. A subsequent two-week storage period results in a symbiosis between the marble granular material and the fiber cement. The unique surface texture is then finished with a wafer-thin, transparent coating to ensure durability.


©Shantanu Starick + Stefan Radinger


The granules – a natural contrast

Part 3/5

A granular mix adapted to match both cement colors was developed for Incora. The nuances of the natural marble granules include yellow, red, greenish-grey and bronze tones. When the granular material interacts with the fiber cement, it creates a unique, unparalleled color dynamic that attracts attention thanks to its natural contrast.


©Shantanu Starick + Stefan Radinger


The spreading technique – a harmonious balance

Part 2/5

The innovative Incora façade panel stands out through a vivid spreading pattern and a uniquely balanced interplay of colors. The high quality of every single panel is apparent in the details of the individualized appearance, which is the result of the balanced spreading.


©Shantanu Starick + Stefan Radinger


The product – stylishly authentic

Part 1/5

Incora will be available in two natural cement colors: onyx and natural grey. The large size façade panels are made from fiber cement designer material. They measure a maximum of 3070×1250×8 mm, and are ideal for anyone who wants an out-of-the-ordinary finish but also needs optimum functionality.

©Shantanu Starick + Stefan Radinger




Official product launch and availability:
November 1st, 2017


©Shantanu Starick + Stefan Radinger


To gain an impression of our new product come and see the brand new Swisspearl Incora façade panel at the following exhibitions:


Batimat 2017, Paris, France
November 6th – 10th
Booth #: Hall 6/ Corridor M/ #59


Fenestration 2017, Shanghai
November 7th – 10th
Booth #: N2.108


Big5 2017, Dubai
November 26th – 29th
Booth #: Sheikh Saeed E61


Shantanu Starick + Stefan Radinger

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