BEX & ARTS, Parc de Szilassy, Switzerland

BEX & ARTS, Parc de Szilassy, Switzerland


Pavillon des Arts et Technologies,
designed by Montalba Architects

More than 25 years ago, François Cadosch introduced David Montalba to the Bex&Arts sculpture triennial.
Touched by the impact of the program and by the contrast of such original artistic expressions within the Swiss landscape, Montalba has attended nearly every edition of exhibition.


©Delphine Burtin


Following the opening of our new MA office in Lausanne in 2016, we conceptualized the idea of collaborating in a unique and interesting way to create a central information center pavilion for the Bex&Arts program.


©Delphine Burtin


François Cadosch, President of the Foundation Bex&Arts, and Catherine Bolle, artistic Director of the 2017 edition, collaborated with MA to define a new exhibition pavilion that integrates a Fablab and public presentation of the models of the works realized by the invited artists. Also featured is a small library section where books from the artists are on display, allowing the exhibition to further impact each visitor.


©Delphine Burtin


The exhibition pavilion is a temporary structure that is roughly 40 square meters. The energy theme that connects the works presented in this triennial guided the design of the building.

The wooden structure is lightweight and removable so that it may be reused for future events. The shelves and the FabLab form the vertical structure that supports the roof. The facade consists of narrow vertical panels alternating with voids. Thus, this skin works like a filter that reinforces the interior spatial qualities. The foundations are minimal in order to limit the impact of the construction on the ground.


©Delphine Burtin


The choice of materials, naturally Swiss, and the local construction know-how have guided the technical and implementation resolutions. The pavilion is an important step in the visit to the park. It offers visitors the resources and information necessary for the discovery of artists and the understanding of the works. The interior FabLab was installed by a team of specialists. They present their work and their experiments. It is a place of exchange and sharing of technology. The pavilion is a collaborative project at the crossroads of art, architecture and new technologies. The result is a dynamic and lively place.


©Delphine Burtin


Montalba Architects, Lausanne
Guillaume Benier
+41 21 311 42 96

Montalba Architects, Los Angeles
Huwayda Fakhry
+1 310 828 1100 ext 121


Delphine Burtin


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