The American Architecture Prize honors designs in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture with the goal of advancing the appreciation of architecture worldwide.

Each submitted design was evaluated by the esteemed AAP Jury on its own merit on the dimensions of Design Excellence, Innovation and Function. Congratulations to all of our winners.

Prize Winner in Green architecture

SFS Residence

Image source: Architecture Prize

SFS Residence (Sea Forest Stone) is situated in the recreational area of Varna, Bulgaria, near The Black Sea in a plot with a considerable west to east downhill in a virgin landscape, with valuable tree species and natural rock formations. The biggest challenge was to design a contemporary, organic building which fits harmonically in the context of the environment, to look light, airy and unobtrusive, to work with all the elements of the landscape without dominating itself. The building is designed in a long rectangular shape, situated on the top west of the hill. SFS have 5 over ground residential floors and one semi-underground parking floor. Each floor has 7 apartments, divided in two entrances. The apartments have orthogonal shape with area from 55 do 118 sq.m. All of them have favorable geographic position and sea view. The loggias and the large windows provide maximum contact with nature and the sea. The design of the building follows the clear lines of the floor plans, forming a parallelepiped with volumes taken away from the corners and the middle sections. Two materials are used in the facade – glass and Finnish ThermoWood, blending the building in with the surrounding environment.


Image source: Architecture Prize


Key Facts

Firm Location
Varna, Bulgaria




Lead Designer
Svetoslav Stanislavov


Design Team
Iva Kostova, Dimitar Katsarov, Radostina Petkova, Georgi Pasev, Hristo Dushev


Text & image source: architecture prize


From October 27th till 29th, 2017 the architect Svetoslav Stanislavov (Starh Stanislavov Architects) visited our factory to get to know more about our high quality fiber cement products. It was our pleasure to welcome him, his wife Slavena Stanislavovain, the architect Krassimir Djedjev and his wife Vanya Myankova in Niederurnen, Switzerland.

Rumyana Angelova and Svetoslav Stanislavov visiting the Swisspearl headquarters in Niederurnen
Rumyana Angelova and Svetoslav Stanislavov

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