Multipurpose Hall, Lovund, Norway

Multipurpose Hall, Lovund, Norway


Offering communal facilities such as a stage, fitness center, and youth club, this multipurpose hall provides a new focal point for a small island community in the Norwegian Sea. The architects devised a stepped section and eye-catching multicolored Swisspearl façades for the building, which despite its size sits comfortably among the small-scale timber structures of the existing village.


Patrick Zamariàn Lovund is a small island settlement located just south of the Arctic Circle and roughly thirty kilometers off the west coast of mainland Norway. Populated by less than five hundred inhabitants, the village consists of residential bungalows and twostory houses along with a church, a small number of shops, and a hotel. In 2013, the municipal government commissioned Stein Hamre Arkitektkontor to design a new multipurpose hall, envisaged as a unifying structure and focal point for the community. Comprising a double-height sports and gathering space as well as a number of additional facilities, the scale of the new building was inevitably going to be at odds with the neighboring low-key timber structures. The design approach sought to balance the conflicting priorities of emphasizing the public character of the building while preventing it from becoming an alien object within its village setting.


©Bent Raanes Sorensen, Tromsø


The building stands as an attraction — both a local amenity and a symbol externally.

Trine Jamtli, Stein Hamre Arkitektkontor AS

Stepped section

The architects applied two strategies to integrate the new building within the local vernacular, the first of which concerns its siting and massing. The hall is set against the backdrop of a visually imposing rock and partially concealed by some of the existing buildings, including a single-story school building to which it links via an enclosed passageway. Moreover, the architects devised a stepped section by dividing the program into a main double-height volume and a single-story annex. The former contains a stage as well as a gym, which can be partitioned into two smaller units if required. The ground floor to one side of the gym houses locker rooms, a school kitchen, and a glass-fronted entrance lobby; accessed from this vestibule, the upper level accommodates a fitness center and a youth club as well as the technical room and storage space. The annex to the other side of the hall, which holds additional storage rooms, aligns in height with the adjoining buildings, thus mediating between them and the main volume of the new village hall.


The project culminates in a signature building that represents the optimism that is so present in Lovund.

Trine Jamtli, Stein Hamre Arkitektkontor AS


©Bent Raanes Sorensen, Tromsø

Vivid coloring

A second strategy employed to mitigate the contrast between new and old involves the façades. True to its designation as a signature building for the island community, the colorful paneling advertises its public function yet, it does not do so at the expense of the existing village. The architects developed a pattern of vertically arranged Swisspearl panels whose dimensions echo the timber cladding of the neighboring buildings. The design of the lower parts is restrained and limited to panels in black, gray, and taupe, which harmonize with the slightly protruding black aluminum frames encasing the vertical window slits. In contrast, the upper
parts of the main volume exhibit an eye-catching composition of panels whose wide array of colors reflects the diversity of activities taking place within the building. Inspired by the colors of the adjacent buildings and arranged in contrasting vertical stripes, the paneling, when seen from a distance, dissolves the closed wall surfaces and lets them blend with their surroundings.


©Bent Raanes Sorensen, Tromsø


©Bent Raanes Sorensen, Tromsø


Key Facts



Municipality of Lurøy


Stein Hamre Arkitektkontor AS, Mo i Rana (associate Trine Jamtli)


Building period


General contractor and façade construction
Momek Civil AS, Mo i Rana


Façade material
Swisspearl Carat Black Opal 7021, 7025, Coral 7031, Azurite 7040, 7043,
Jade 7052, Amber 7083; Reflex Silver 9000, Platinum 9020


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet

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