Swisspearl test winners

Swisspearl test winners

Heartfelt congratulations to all winners of the Swisspearl tests 2017 that were carried out during the Regional Meetings at the end of this past years together with distributors.
Already in December, Swisspearl informed you about the Regional Meetings that took place in the fall of 2017. During these meetings, a Swisspearl Test was also carried out, in which distributors from around the world completed a short quiz about Swisspearl. The prize in each case was an amount that Swisspearl would invest in marketing for the winning distributor.

Swisspearl is honored to present the winners:

ATRO s.r.o. Slovakia

ATRO s.r.o. is a Slovakian company that offers Swisspearl in that country. The company has extensive experience in rear-ventilated façades and hence lots of knowledge about Swisspearl as well. Visit their website

QatarEIFS Qatar


QatarEIFS is the Swisspearl distributor in Qatar and is located in Doha. They have a team of dedicated architects, engineers, supervisors and applicators which are ready to work jointly with you to deliver outstanding workmanship. Visit their website

Specialty Wood Products USA


Specialty Wood Products are a leading building materials supplier for Denver and the Colorado Frontrange and also the main lumber supplier for major companies. They are selling the Swisspearl products in North and South Carolina and Georgia. Visit their website



Sisbauten is the Swisspearl distributor in Portugal and already has many years of experience selling our products. The company has very high standards in terms of quality and ongoing partnerships with architects, designers and fabricators. Visit their website

Element Architectural Products USA


Element Architectural Products has its headquarters in Texas and is the Swisspearl distributor for Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The company is focused strongly on architecture and offers products from companies that meet only the highest standards of quality. Visit their website

Pacific Architectural Products USA


Pacific Architectural Products has its head office in Clackamas, Oregon and focuses on esthetic and attractive buildings. Equipped with a high level of technical expertise, they operate using Swisspearl in the following areas of the US: Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. Visit their website

BMC Gulf and Contracting LLC Dubai


BMC Gulf is a company operating in Dubai; their mission is to provide quality products and professional engineering services, always meeting the highest standards of quality in the construction industry. Visit their website

AD Group Ltd. Turkey


AD Group is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and specializes in roof and façade materials. The company places particular emphasis on customer satisfaction. They highlight long-lived, quality products and are always one step ahead of the competition. Visit their website

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