Villa Martinuzzi, Croatia

Villa Martinuzzi, Croatia

Combining New Materials with Old

This villa is a good example of a successful combination of Swisspearl panels with stone. A dialogue occurs here between the two interlocking materials, contrasting textures, and corresponding color tones.


©Vjekoslav Skledar

When undertaken carefully, combining traditional and modern elements in the renovation of historic buildings can result in wonderful living spaces. A prime example of this is Villa Martinuzzi by Tobis Engineering, located in Pula, a picturesque seaside town in Croatia known for its protected harbor, beach-lined coast, and Roman ruins.


©Vjekoslav Skledar

The aim of the current owner of the villa, a young businessman from Zagreb, was to renovate it in a manner respectful to the existing 1890 house without being a slave to historical design codes. The challenge for project architect Nataša Jozipović was to find a balance between the charming historic house and a contemporary intervention. Forty-five-centimeter-thick stonewalls create a solid, rustic plinth for the lightweight first floor, which is clad in Swisspearl panels.


©Vjekoslav Skledar

The ground floor accommodates a modern kitchen, original staircase, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and dining room. A section of the pitched roof is glazed, allowing natural light to filter through the hallway on the upper level all the way down to the ground floor. The upper floor contains two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The interiors are minimalist with industrial details, as is often seen here, in the Istrian region. A color palette of white and light gray plays an important role in creating bright interiors.


©Vjekoslav Skledar

©Vjekoslav Skledar


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Villa Martinuzzi, Pula, Croatia


Pula, Croatia


Ladonja turizam d. o. o., Zagreb


Tobis Engineering, Zadar and Zagreb; Nataša Jozipović


Vjekoslav Skledar, Zagreb


Building period
2013 – 2014


General contractor
Gecko d. o. o., Belgrade


Façade construction
Imal plast d. o. o., Osijek


Façade material
Swisspearl Reflex Champagne 9290


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet

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