Neptune Office Building, USA

Neptune Office Building, USA

Connecting Urban and Rural

Neptune Office Building is articulated in long, extended parallel lines of layered materials: stone, glazing, Swisspearl panels, and steel flashing in tightly packed, overlapping panels. Interlocking forms protrude from the façade envelope covered by the timber-clad eaves overhang that protects the upper floor outdoor balcony.

This 42,000-square-foot office building in Rogers, northwest Arkansas was designed by Polk Stanley Wilcox architects for Mars Incorporated. For a state primarily known for its countryside and agriculture, there is a surprising amount of commerce in this part of Arkansas. Wal Mart requires all businesses that would like to sell their products in their stores to have a “brick and mortar” office within proximity of their headquarters. Due to this requirement, hundreds of businesses have offices in the area, so that they can sell to the corporate giant. With this high density of commercial activity, competition is high. Businesses have to try and lure the most talented employees by providing world-class facilities that promote a healthy work environment.

©Aaron Kimberlin, Chicago, USA

As the commissioned architects, we were given the brief to create a building that served the needs of the developer and the tenants, but that was also novel and unlike any other office building. The site is situated on the border of a low-density residential area and a thriving commercial district in Rogers. With this location, we were able to create a special place of urban connectivity in a rural environment. The building is nestled in a field of wild flowers and other indigenous plants and is bordered by a forest. Long ribbon windows enhance the natural lighting and sense of openness inside, while also providing pleasant views of the landscape beyond.

©Aaron Kimberlin, Chicago, USA

There are also a variety of covered exterior spaces that further enhance the relationship to the outdoors. A stone base anchors the building to the site and long narrow bands of Swisspearl panels express movement along the length of the building.

©Aaron Kimberlin, Chicago, USA


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Neptune Office Building


3070 S. Champions Blvd., Rogers, Arkansas, USA


Mars Inc., McLean


Polk Stanley Wilcox architects


Aaron Kimberlin, Chicago, USA


Building period
2016 – 2017


Façade construction
Performance Contracting Inc. (PCI), Phoenix, in collaboration with Architectural Design


Façade material
Swisspearl Carat Crystal 7010, Black Opal 7025


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet

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