Cummins Station, USA

Cummins Station, USA

Dividing Fence

The Track 13 Community Garden renovation transforms a defunct loading dock into a luxurious outdoor amenity. The site is situated in a sliver of space between Cummins Station, a historically registered industrial warehouseturned corporate office building, and the Gulch, one of downtown Nashville’s thriving neighbourhoods.


©Smith Gee Studio, Nashville, USA

The building once accommodated freight trains, but now hosts a wide spectrum of uses ranging from impromptu business and casual lunch conversations to corporate events, concerts and wedding receptions.

©Smith Gee Studio, Nashville, USA

The long, linear garden space is subtly divided into three zones: the Track 13 platform and art gallery, the Lawn, and the Grove. A dynamic relationship exists between the artificial and the natural, the planned and the experienced, the temporary and the permanent as the garden space oscillates between its parts and the fluid unity of the whole. The thread of continuity that links these parts together is the central element of this project: a freestanding fence structure that defines the Garden’s edge. A palette of three Swisspearl 12mm double-sided panel sizes and colors are fastened to the fence’s 375 foot (114 m) steel frame.

©Smith Gee Studio, Nashville, USA

The black, white and grey pattern emerges as an abstract mosaic greater than the sum of its parts. The sleek, distinctly horizontal design evokes the memory and movement of the locomotives that once rolled through the site.

©Smith Gee Studio, Nashville, USA



Cummins Station


209 10th Avenue South, Nashville (TN), USA


DZL Management, Nashville, USA


Smith Gee Studio, Nashville, USA


Smith Gee Studio, Nashville, USA


Building period


Façade material
Swisspearl Carat Black Opal 7025, Onyx 7090, Sapphire 7060


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet

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