Swisspearl seminar, Latvia

Swisspearl seminar, Latvia

A few days after the 2018 winners of the annual Latvian Architecture Award were announced, the Swisspearl seminar, regularly organized by SIA Baltimex, took place in Riga’s coziest and chicest quarter, Kalnciema.
Swisspearl Chief Sales Officer Robert Wirichs presented the wide spectrum of Swisspearl design, including an insight into the newest Swisspearl hue collection, Incora. He was followed by Assistant Professor Reinis Lazda, the head of the Union of Latvian Psychologists, who gave an informative talk about color in an urban environment from a psychological point of view.



As is well-known in Latvia and around the world, it is precisely gray tones that are beloved of architects. However, the studies mentioned by Reinis Lazda showed that one should be careful with the color gray, as too much of it can generate feelings of unpleasantness. This generated lively debate, which continued well after the end of the seminar. In conversations later, the architects present were quick to defend their – so to speak – sacred color gray. Some of the architects’ arguments for its use were: if one uses a measure appropriate to the environment, then there can never be too much gray; gray will not be depressing if there are enough trees and other green plants; gray is written into the genetic code of every Latvian, we cannot do without it, just as we cannot do without melancholy and introversion. If that is really so, let the completed projects speak for themselves!

We wish to thank all the attendees, who took the time out of their busy schedules not only to gain inspiration, but also to further their education and skills and get credits to maintain their certificates.

Below please find some more photographs from the Swisspearl seminar in the Kalnciema Quarter:







In cooperation with
SIA Baltimex


Key speakers
Robert Wirichs, CSO, Swisspearl
Reinis Lazda, head of the Union of Latvian Psychologists, assistant professor, principal at CreaTest

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