Margretedal Residential Towers, Sweden

Margretedal Residential Towers, Sweden

Dancing Pyramid Stumps

The town of Lund in the southernmost province of Sweden, the beautiful Schonen, is known as the “students’ city” owing to the fact that over one third of its inhabitants are students. Four new highrise buildings dominate the town’s silhouette. The Swiss architect Mario Campi and his Swedish colleague Arne Jönsson and their architectural firms realised four outstandingly designed residential towers. Mario Campi himself describes the design objectives.

Mario Campi In the Swedish university town of Lund, the design and execution of four residential towers are planned within the framework of a new urban district for the big Swedish enterprises Skanska and Ryksbyggen.


©Claes Westlin, Malmö, Sweden

The architects decided on the special form of an upside-down, truncated pyramid for the volumes of the individual buildings for two reasons: on the one hand, it was the formal intention of achieving dynamism between the towers. The diagonals of the volumes’ outline, in connection with the interaction with the placement of the four buildings in a slightly curved row, hints at the idea of movement. Thus the towers are staged as a kind of ballet in the urban landscape. As a result, the four buildings were promptly christened “Dansande Lunna Töser”, the dancing girls of Lund, by the local inhabitants. On the other hand, the height of the four truncated pyramids allows an increase in volume of the storeys from bottom to top. This allows for more spacious apartments where the view is at its best, a fact that also increases the inhabitants’ quality of life.

©Claes Westlin, Malmö, Sweden

The materials used are simple: a partly prefabricated concrete structure facilitating quick assembly and a minimal building period. One single type of metal window was used at different points of the building’s typology. The fact that the same building type is repeated on different storeys at identical points on the façade emphasises the diversity of the building programme.

One of the advantages of cladding the façades with Swisspearl fiber cement panels is that they emulate the red of the local Lund houses.

Mario Campi, Architect, Switzerland

©Claes Westlin, Malmö, Sweden

Each apartment’s relation to the environment and the sunshine is different, a fact that is appreciated by the inhabitants. The cladding of the façade is Swisspearl panels, which emulates the red of the local Lund houses on the façades standing at odd angles, whereas the rest of the vertical structures are plain white.

©Claes Westlin, Malmö, Sweden



Margretedal Residential Towers


Margretedal, Lund, Sweden


Skanska and Ryksbyggen, Sweden


Mario Campi and Partner, Lugano and Zurich, Switzerland with Arne Jönsson, Helsingborg, Sweden


Claes Westlin, Malmö, Sweden


Building period
2005 – 2007


Façade material
Swisspearl Carat, Coral 7032, Onyx 7090


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet

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