Faculty of Humanities, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Faculty of Humanities, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Rhythm and Movement

The complex at the University of Rijeka had a demanding brief as the building had to house two separate faculties as well as a student counselling centre and an underground parking area.

Anna Roos The architects used the incline of the site to carefully model the ground plane of the project, creating three levels of terracing that link the upper level of the site with the lower. An internal circulation “street” links the public spaces, lecture rooms, library, common areas and atriums, while the more private spaces, offices and department meeting rooms are situated on the upper floors.


©Sandro Lendler, Zagreb, Croatia

The external landscaping has also been carefully modelled to integrate the building subtly into its surroundings, with a cascade of steps that follow the length of the building. Thanks to the architecture – the confident combination of form and materials − the complex has a distinctive character. The solid volumes are perched above a delicate glazed façade that gradually “grows” as the landscape descends. The delicate mullions read like the spindly legs of a millipede, elevating the building delicately above the site.

©Sandro Lendler, Zagreb, Croatia

The random interplay of three different shades of buttery yellow Swisspearl panels creates a counterpoint to the regulated rhythm of the openings. The strong vertical thrust of the seven-storey volume counterbalances the low-lying wings. The slender, high section is crowned with a perforated latticework of sheet metal that obscures the service equipment and blurs the silhouette of the volume against the sky.

The building’s structure is clearly shaped, articulating a vital interweaving of numerous activities and users.

Hildegard Auf-Franic´, Tin Sven Franic´, Vanja Rister

©Sandro Lendler, Zagreb, Croatia

The filigree sheeting, which sweeps all the way down to the ground plane on the northern façade, has been used to enclose the fire staircases. The translucent surfaces interlock with the Swisspearl-clad façades to create an intricate play of opacity and translucency. The architecture of the new complex for the various faculties creates a warm, friendly, inviting atmosphere: a place conducive to study and learning.



Faculty of Humanities, University of Rijeka


Slavka Krautzeka, Rijeka, Croatia


University of Rijeka


Hildegard Auf-Franic´, Tin Sven Franic´ and Vanja Rister, Zagreb


Sandro Lendler, Zagreb, Croatia


Building period
2008 – 2009


Façade material
Swisspearl Carat Amber 7080, 7081, 7082 and Nobilis White N112


Nominated for annual award for The most successful architectural achievement “Viktor Kovacˇic´” 2011


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet

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