Product launch: Texial

Product launch: Texial

Uniqueness through hand embossing – a vibrant interplay of light and shadow

Innovative and sustainable products made of natural raw materials, such as the new large size façade panels Texial, are borne of ingenuity and expertise. The fine surface structure gives the appearance of a fabric and is always one-of-a-kind because it is embossed by hand.

A special feature is the manual embossing that generates a fine surface structure reminiscent of fabric and which makes each panel one-of-kind. Delicate nuances of color and the raw texture that is the result of the mechanical embossing process highlight the authenticity of the work. A vibrant interplay of light and shadow creates a dynamic effect, making the façades appear almost like a piece of cloth.

Swisspearl Texial

Texial is available in five colors. While the earth tones blend seamlessly into their environment, at the same time they also make an impact because of their timeless nature. The natural, harmonic color spectrum underlines the character of Texial.

Swisspearl Texial TE 212
Swisspearl Texial TE 811
Swisspearl Texial TE 215
Swisspearl Texial TE 216
Swisspearl Texial TE 113

If you are interested in the new Texial panel please contact us that we can forward you to the contact person in charge for your region.



Product name
Swisspearl Texial


Panel size
3050 × 1250 × 8 mm
2510 × 1250 × 8 mm
Useable, finished panel sizes, after all four panel edges have been trimmed off


Five earth tones


Refer to our large size Design + Installation Manual (DIM)


Introduction flyer
Click here to download the PDF introduction flyer


Swisspearl Texial – A vibrant interplay of light and shadow

In a few weeks – it will be time… We will introduce our brand new Swisspearl Texial Panels…

…. don’t miss the official product launch in September 2018.

This article will present you with a brief preview of what to expect and some information about the history of our brand new Swisspearl Texial panel.

History of the Swisspearl Texial

It has been a few years now since a renowned Swiss architectural firm contacted the Swisspearl Headquarters to gather information on product innovations. They learned rather quickly that the architects were looking for a panel that featured something other than just a smooth surface. Texture is what they were looking for, since they knew that the panel’s surface could be affected in its “wet state” and therefore could be structured.

As luck would have it, the Swisspearl innovation managers had already dared to experiment with an inconspicuous piece of felt a few months earlier, which consisted of pressing the felt onto the wet panel, leaving behind the pattern of the textile. In spite of this very interesting pattern the team didn’t recognize its potential at the time and filed the small test sample away in a drawer.

During the meeting with the architects this test sample was now brought back to the table and received with great enthusiasm. The architects immediately ordered several panels, then still produced as a special-order, and installed them on a single-family home in Switzerland.

First special-order Texial single-family home in Switzerland

As soon as the first project was completed with the Swisspearl Texial panels we could hardly keep up with all the requests that came in, and that was just how the project was created in our company; we modified our production processes so that the panels would now be mass produced.

So, mark down the date and check back with us in early September so that you won’t miss the launch of our brand new Swisspearl Texial Panel.

Swisspearl Texial



Official product launch and availability:
September 3rd, 2018

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