The power of the façade panels in interiors

The power of the façade panels in interiors

Tower renovation Swisspearl Group headquarters

Large size façade panels used in interior spaces have the power to create exciting visual accents. This characteristic was put to good use by the Swisspearl Group when they renovated the feature known as the tower at their head office in Niederurnen, Switzerland. Multifunctional spaces were created that can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of needs for events, meetings and other functions.

©Jürg Zimmermann

The view into the distance
The interior of the existing structure was stripped down to its shell, allowing a fresh interpretation of the previous room designs. The architectural concept includes two main features for the spatial layout: first is the fascinating landscape of the Glarus region, which offers an impressive backdrop over all activities from this high vantage point; and second are the Swisspearl products that form a subtle framework for staging the landscape. It was crucial that the products were incorporated in a way that was both unobtrusive and yet elegant and defining for the space. The idea arose to keep the façades away from fixtures as much as possible and to arrange all adjoin rooms and access spaces as staggered cubes in the centre of the facility, creating a 360 degree view over the Linth area and beyond into the Glarus Alps.

©Jürg Zimmermann
©Jürg Zimmermann

The view up close
The interior spaces that give rhythmic proportionality to the basic volume are covered with solidly dyed large size Swisspearl Largo panels. All of the colors come from the “Avera” color family and also support the rhythmic design. The products were not simply laid out without a plan, but also serve in the design of the space. At the same time that the visitor area was renovated, the entranceway was also converted to be more user- and visitor-friendly, allowing guests to be immediately welcomed into a spaciously designed interior. The impressive Glarus landscape that appears to flow right into the rooms of the upper floor is portrayed in delicate detail on a relief-milled Swisspearl panel in the building’s entrance.

©Swisspearl – relief-milled Swisspearl Largo panel


Text: Stephan Cadosch (abbreviated)


Tower renovation Swisspearl Group headquarters


Niederurnen, Switzerland


Cadosch & Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland


Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland


Building period


Façade (interior) material
Swisspearl Largo Interior Avera AV020, AV030, AV040, AV050


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet

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  1. The solid color walls look really terrific, but this article would be greatly improved if there was information or installation details regarding the interior use of this material.

    1. Dear Arthur

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      We are constantly working on the quality of our articles and we know that some of them could be more detailed.
      This is why we have now an internal team which is working on such informative articles and we hope that we will be able to realize this very soon.

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