Black Villa, USA

Black Villa, USA

Scenic Setting in Beverly Hills

Black Villa is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and simple, clean design that respects the existing conditions of the site and neighborhood. The single-family house is a great example of how one can use materials and colors in order to tie a building into its natural surroundings.

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©Michael Hayes, Los Angeles, USA

The sensitive design and playfulness of the volumes, the modest color selection and recessed decks and generous windows complement the beauty of the location. Three volumes at different heights in combination with the balconies, gold cutout screens, and charcoal exterior skin create an interesting play of shapes and volumes, reducing the scale and helping to tie the villa into the site.

©Michael Hayes, Los Angeles, USA
©Michael Hayes, Los Angeles, USA

Not only the design is great, but also the structural-physical features of the single-family house.

The façade is clad in fire-resistant Swisspearl Largo fiber cement panels in a dark charcoal hue. All doors and windows have aluminum frames with dual glazing of high R-value to help reduce energy loss. Deep overhangs and screens over the glazing areas help to protect the structure from the severe Californian sun and help to reduce the use of air conditioning. These aspects result in a highly efficient and energy-saving design and a house that uses only about 40 to 50 percent the energy of conventionally built homes. The design is based on the LEED (USA energy label) and MINERGIE (Swiss energy certification) guidelines.

©Michael Hayes, Los Angeles, USA

©Michael Hayes, Los Angeles, USA



Black Villa


Gloaming Way, Beverly Hills, California, USA


Design 21, Roger Kurath M.Arch/SIA, Los Angeles


Bruno Helbling, Zurich, Switzerland
Michael Hayes, Los Angeles, USA


Building period
2014 – 2017


Façade material
Swisspearl Largo Reflex Black Velvet 9221


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet

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