Otago Polytechnic Student Village, New Zealand

Otago Polytechnic Student Village, New Zealand

A Student Village Clad in Fall Hues

Otago Polytechnic Student Village provides over 200 student rooms and associated common areas and amenities on campus. The quality and character of the village rival the best examples of student accommodation in Australia and New Zealand and significantly enhance the appeal of Otago Polytechnic and Dunedin City as a place of learning.

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©Matthew Heritage, UK

The buildings are arranged in two separate wings, connected by a glazed circulation link at the main entry. One wing overlooks the hockey field and provides apartment and studio-type accommodation over four levels, while the other wing provides dormitory-type accommodation over five levels as well as amenities and communal areas.

©Matthew Heritage, UK
©Matthew Heritage, UK

The planning of each unit is relatively constrained by the room dimensions. Each room has been designed to enjoy natural light and ventilation. The overall architectural form focuses the circulation in the common areas to encourage social interaction. The exterior walls have been designed for high thermal performance. Externally, the building has been clad with Swisspearl panels utilizing a durable, weather resistant, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly material. The range of color hues chosen echoes the orange leaves in fall, giving the building a warm visual appearance. The architectural design creates a student village with a sense of place that has character and a sense of community.

©Matthew Heritage, UK

Combined with the landscape design, detailing, and the relationship to the surrounding natural and built environment, Otago Student Village provides a positive contribution to the neighborhood and serves as a fine example of high-quality student accommodation and environmentally sustainable design.


Otago Polytechnic Student Village


Dunedin, New Zealand


Mason and Wales Architects, Dunedin, New Zealand


Matthew Heritage, Devon, United Kingdom


Building period


Façade material
Swisspearl Largo Carat Black Opal 7020, Crystal 7010, Onyx 7091, Sahara 7001, Topaz 7073

PDF project sheet
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