Swisspearl Sponeck Chairs and Tables: The place to relax in a unique quarter

Swisspearl Sponeck Chairs and Tables: The place to relax in a unique quarter

“PAUPYS” is a new place for living and working in the historic old town of Vilnius in Lithuania, winding along the Vilnelė River. The district is being created as part of the Park of Architecture project, which is a large-scale conversion project that transforms the old areas of the capital into harmonious zones for work and living. They will merge into one of the greenest old towns in Europe.  We are very proud that our Sponeck Chairs and Tables have been selected as outdoor furniture by Audrius Ambrasas Architects. 


The unique quarter “PAUPYS” is a revived territory of the Old Town with the former abandoned and closed “Skaiteks” factory. When designing the commercial part of the territory, the architects had the task to create a life-pulsating center surrounded by residential neighborhoods. To implement this project, they tried to combine widely recognized and modern, state-of-the-art technologies. In such an environment, Swisspearl fiber cement products proved to be very suitable for them when choosing outdoor furniture. They composed them in a semi-enclosed yard and combined them with natural concrete walls, wooden terrace floors, plastered and corten steel facades. In addition, they wanted relatively light furniture for consumers to create their own communication spaces. The result really paid off – the customer was most impressed by the curved shape of the furniture, and visiting people feel at home, falling into cozy scale armchairs.

We hope that Swisspearl will not run out of imagination to create elegantly shaped products from the unlimited possibilities of fiber cement.”

Rasa Ambrasiene, Architect, Ambraso Architects


Swisspearl Sponeck Chair and Sponeck Table

Product Designer
Julia von Sponeck

Darnu Group

Audrius Ambrasas Architects

General contractor



About “PAUPYS”

“This is a rustic industrial area. We tried to sustain it by organically weaving it into the old town context. The project will add some new features to the cityscape while simultaneously revealing the historical character of the area as well.” Chief Architect Audrius Ambrasas, Ambraso Architects.
Trade is, first and foremost, communication. The area with deep-rooted industrial traditions shall be reborn and draw new strength, as the territory of the former factory is adapted to suit the daily life of city residents. The rougher materials chosen, such as exposed concrete and staining steel, will continue the story of the estate that commenced a long time ago. The recreated facade of the factory and massive open spaces represent the stylistic highlights of the area. But today, this modern complex of buildings shall be reconstructed to accommodate top-class offices. It will become home for businesses that appreciate the culture of the old town. A large stylish gourmet market will bring high-quality surroundings and communication back to the marketplace and will surely become the centre of attraction. The modern spaces of the estate will also function as a venue for hosting public events. A spacious underground parking garage will be built under the territory and the area will also be easily accessible by public transport. It is a place for building strong communal relationships.

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