Cedar Ridge High School Auditorium, USA

Cedar Ridge High School Auditorium, USA

Rising Volumes in Gray

Stantec designed this bold auditorium/theater addition to the existing Round Rock ISD high school to help offset the high frequency use of the district’s performing arts center. The project has become a prototype for other school auditoria in the district.

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© Thomas Mc Connell, USA

Although it is labeled as an auditorium, the building provides a robust program and service for theater, music, and dance. The facility includes a variety of specialty spaces that enrich the learning experience at the campus and heighten the performance. A variety of additional design features help reduce maintenance costs, increase building efficiency and lifecycle, and provide additional flexibility.

© Thomas Mc Connell, USA

Two shades of gray Swisspearl panels provide a high quality, low maintenance choice for the facade cladding, emphasizing the stepped heights of the rectilinear volumes and contrasting with the light ochre, rustic stonewall cladding of the lower sections. A recessed, double-volume glazed facade to the western entry lobby curves elegantly around the corner of the Swisspearl clad northern facade.

© Thomas Mc Connell, USA
© Thomas Mc Connell, USA

Cedar Ridge High School Auditorium is a freestanding building to the south of the main campus entrance with a long, covered walkway that connects the new auditorium to the fine arts wing of the existing high school.

© Thomas Mc Connell, USA

Although Cedar Ridge High School auditorium is the first of its kind, the district’s long term plan is to construct a similar performing arts venue at every high school campus in the district. Cedar High auditorium served as a prototype that led to a second auditorium, which has now been constructed at Stony Point High School.



Cedar Ridge High School Auditorium, Round Rock, USA


Round Rock, TX, USA


Stantec, Austin, TX, USA


Thomas Mc Connell, Austin, TX, USA


Building period


Façade material
Swisspearl Largo Carat Sapphire 7060, Swisspearl Largo Reflex, Platinum 9020


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet


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