Cepa Housing İncek Residential Building, Turkey

Cepa Housing İncek Residential Building, Turkey

High-Rise Living

With its distinctive red and gray clad high-rise towers, Cepa Housing İncek forms part of the Çayyolu-Alacaatlı residential area within the wider development of western Ankara. This is a high-end district introducing innovative, distinguished, and bold projects.

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© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy

Although the district where Cepa housing is located has high-quality buildings, there are also mediocre, undefined buildings dispersed in the neighborhood. Architect Ali Osman Öztürk chose Swisspearl panels in strong color tones to give this housing development its own identity.

© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy

The sheer scale of the project qualifies it to be referred to as a neighborhood. Life in the neighborhood was key to the development of this project and, as such, integral components such as schools, malls, and parks were taken into consideration. The social center of this settlement, with its 188 apartments, was arranged accordingly. Interestingly, the project evolved around a plane tree. The square with its plane tree and social center is a meeting point for the community. Here, the expression “under the plane tree” takes on a special meaning: a place and a memory to share both a symbolic and culturally-specific venue. The social center is arranged as a place for the community to gather for special occasions. Arranged as two, multistory towers linked by horizontal blocks, the urban planning of Cepa Housing İncek creates a balanced distribution of volumes. On this triangular site, the buildings are situated parallel to the main access route. The planning layout also delineates vehicle and pedestrian circulation, providing an easily locatable and easily accessible site.

© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy
© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy

The green environment in Cepa Housing İncek embraces people of all ages. A rose garden between the horizontal masses, vines, and a grove of mulberry and linden trees form part of the walking trail in the gardens surrounding the project.

© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy



Cepa Housing İncek Residential Building


Ankara, Turkey


Ali Osman Öztürk-A Tasarım Mimarlık, Ankara/Istanbul, Turkey


Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Bolzano, Italy


Building period
2016 – 2018


Façade material
Swisspearl Largo Carat Coral 7030, 7031, 7032, Onyx 7091 and Black Opal 7020


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet


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