Machupichu Residential Apartment Block, Spain

Machupichu Residential Apartment Block, Spain

High-Quality, High-Density Housing

A seven-story, U-shaped apartment block elevated on concrete pilotis accommodates 112, two-to-five-room apartments and encloses an inner courtyard with sports and recreation facilities including a large swimming pool and tennis court.

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© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy
© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy

Machupichu creates a key link between the low-density residential cluster in Conde de Orgaz Park and the adjoining public gardens and playgrounds. The new building has been planned in accordance with the surrounding conditions. While retaining the same roof height, the height difference between Machupichu Avenue and Algabeño Street allows for a lower facade towards the low-density residential cluster in Conde de Orgaz Park, where apartments with private gardens on the ground floor are located. On the opposite facade, the building offers a more urban image with a far higher facade, reflecting the height of the adjacent buildings.

© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy

Apartments above a retail plinth are separated from the commercial activity by a series of open arcades. This open area produces a visual connection between the green inner areas of the courtyard and the surrounding parks and gardens, avoiding the perception of the urban block as an enclosed space.


© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy
© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy


The elevations are based on a 0.9-meter module, demarcating the vertical openings and opaque panels, which work in conjunction with the interior layout. The modular facade is articulated at each level with subtle offsets that create a curved geometry, a set of concave and convex movements that follow the streets bordering the site. Swisspearl fiber cement panels are key to expressing this volumetric strategy. A lightweight material that allows for largescale panels has proven to be the ideal material to articulate the facade shapes. A dark shade was chosen for the ground floor and penthouses, contrasting with the main body of the building, for which white was chosen.

© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy
© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy

The proposed scheme consists of two main areas: the retail plinth and garage, accessible from Machupichu Avenue, and the residential scheme and garage, independently accessed from Manuel Rodrigo Square. The inner courtyard is arranged on two terraces connected by ramps and stairs. Four entrance lobbies give access to the 112 dwellings, a mix of two, three, four, and five-bedroom apartments, including penthouses and ground floor apartments with their own private gardens.



Machupichu Residential Apartment Block


Madrid, Spain


Eugenio Muñoz Pérez and Enrique Ruiz González, Madrid, Spain


Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Bolzano, Italy


Building period
2015 – 2017


Façade material
Swisspearl Largo Carat Onyx 7099, Black Opal 7021


PDF project sheet
Click here to download the project sheet


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