Swisspearl Vintago-Reflex - NEW COLOR RANGE

Swisspearl Vintago-Reflex - NEW COLOR RANGE

The new facade panel with a rough, lively and shiny look.

Vintago-Reflex is a through-colored fiber cement panel with a sanded, slightly rough surface combined with a reflective coating. This special composition gives the panels an outstandingly beautiful look. It can be excellently combined with our Vintago and Reflex panels and thus opens up entirely new design possibilities. With its unusual but wonderful composition, Vintago-Reflex makes every facade unique and surprising. Find out more about our new color range here. 

Rough, lively with a shiny look. The sanded surface combined with a reflective surface gives a slightly rough, yet lively, shiny look. Contact us to get Vintago-Reflex product sample:

Wide range of design possibilities

In size, cut and color selection there are many and varied design possibilities to set exciting and aesthetic accents in the exterior and interior.

Vintago-Reflex is easy to use and can be installed as either flush or lapped cladding. It can be mounted by using either visible or concealed fasteners.

The Vintago-Reflex color spectrum includes 3 tones
Format Largo:

3050 x 1250 x 8mm
Max. useable, finished panel size

For a detailed summary of the sizing and color options, please click here

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