Matau Vilnių, Lithuania

Matau Vilnių, Lithuania

I see Vilnius

“Matau Vilnių” (I see Vilnius) is a new residential area in Vilnius, which is still under development. It is located in a historical part of the city, partially overlapping with the area of a former Tauras brewery and clearly visible on one of the largest hills in the city. One of the modern materials used for the cladding of the building of the second phase of the project is Swisspearl Largo Gravial panel.


The buildings are composed of different layers from the outside, so they are visible to different viewers depending on the angle. A close look from Aludarių Street, which is being restored, focuses on the lower part of the buildings and suggests the historical romanticism of the place. From another perspective, the superstructure architecture of the project accompanies the whole cityscape in an interesting way, while the middle part represents the modern, sustainable city.

One of the modern materials used for the cladding of the building of the second phase of the project is the Swisspearl Largo Gravial panel. The large-format panels with a linear grooved surface fit well with the scale of the buildings, while the patterns and colors allow for great compositional freedom. Global trends dictate a direction toward sustainability, and that is primarily durability. Swisspearl fiber cement met the criteria perfectly. It is a rare pleasure to watch the exterior of the building change over the course of a sunny day. This can be achieved by an embossed or engraved surface, as with Gravial.

The most important element of any home is its inhabitants. Since more and more people like to enjoy their lives on the balconies and terraces, their connection with the facade is very close, perhaps even direct. Swisspearl panels are nice to the touch, create a warm feeling and are easy to clean due to the low-absorption coated surface. When installing architectural elements, such as sconces or rain pipes, the panels are easy to drill, they do not break and allow for quick installation. All this helps to save the cost of manual labor.




Swisspearl Gravial creates a sense of quality and lasting beauty that pleases the architect, the builder and, of course, the residents.








Matau Vilnių


Vilnius, Lithuania


Vilniaus architektūros studija, Vilnius, Lithuania


YIT,  Vilnius, Lithuania


ELEMENTUS, MB “Magnus Mindaugas”, “EXTERUS” group, Vilnius, Lithuania


Building period


Facade material
Swisspearl Largo Gravial Crystal 125


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