Ostrovin Residential House, Czech Republic

Ostrovin Residential House, Czech Republic

Modernity surrounded
by History

Ostrovní is a modern residential housing project built on a gap site surrounded by historic architecture. It is situated in the heart of Prague, near the National Theatre, just a couple of streets away from the Wenceslas Square. The shape of the land plot called for a unique construction solution. While limited space was a concern, the architects managed to fit in 2 apartments with light-flooded rooms onto each floor. The same is true for the main staircase. Two residential units located on each floor are entered from the hallway. The building houses the total of 8 apartments, including a maisonette occupying two top floors.

© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy

It was a wish of the investor – Prince Karel Schwarzenberg – to construct a contemporary building on the gap site. The project also comprised renovation of baroque stables of the Schwarzenberg Palace. The facade of the building complements the neighbouring houses of different heights which were built in various time periods. The cascading design of the structure allowed for the construction of terraces with breathtaking views over the roofs of historic Prague. The entire facade is made of Swisspearl panels, and is visually divided by horizontal and vertical lines, without any visible anchorage.

© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy
© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy

At the street level, there is a main house entrance as well as 2 drive-in gates leading into an underground parking situated behind the house under a schoolyard and an automated parking system on the ground floor. The gates are decorated with texts by Vaclav Havel, the first Czechoslovak president after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, as the adjoining property (the former stables) belongs to the Vaclav Havel Library. Nestled between historic buildings, the construction with its original shape and white-coloured façade brings a breath of fresh air in a natural and agreeable way.

© Meraner & Hauser OHG/SNC, Italy



Prague, Czech Republic

KC Architecture s.r.o., Nové Město, Czech Republic

Building period
2017 – 2019

Facade material
Swisspearl Largo Carat / Carat HR Onyx 7091

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