Thompson House, Canada

Thompson House, Canada

Wrap-Around Roof

Located on a steep site in West Vancouver, Thompson House was designed to capture expansive views of the ocean harbor to the front and mountains to the rear. The dynamic interior spaces are held beneath an extensive roof that wraps around to form the closed side façades and controls sightlines for privacy to and from the neighbors.

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© Splyce Design, Vancouver, Canada

Like the wings of a bird stretched out to protect its young, the two side walls and roof on the south elevation extend far past the exterior walls, providing privacy and large, covered decks. These spaces are extensions of the interior and invite various uses throughout the year. The cedar-clad walls block visual distractions from the adjacent properties and steer the view towards the ocean. The roof structure is inclined with a different slope on each of the four exterior elevations, and consequently, varied ceiling heights on the upper floor interior. The two upper floors appear to hover above the garden pool nestled in a planted rock garden. By cladding the lower level in a light shade of gray Swisspearl panels, the sense of floating above the landscape has been emphasized. Large openings to the views are contrasted with the façades facing the neighboring properties, which are clad in black Swisspearl panels. Thus, the house is clearly orientated towards the views and away from the next-door houses.

© Splyce Design, Vancouver, Canada

Upon entering the house, space rises up and momentarily draws attention away from the expansive ocean view ahead, and upwards towards the wall-to-wall skylight and exposed heavy timber rafters, which create a stark contrast to the rest of the light-colored, lightweight materials. Two bridges span this section offering opportunities for spontaneous interaction, as family members circulate and engage with those below and emphasizing the three-dimensionality, like decks on a ship.

© Splyce Design, Vancouver, Canada

The large roof seals off the house from the neighbors on the side and offers a fantastic view of the ocean. Floor-to-ceiling glazing, and cantilevered floor panels with terraces and glass parapets allow the interior and exterior to merge.

© Splyce Design, Vancouver, Canada


Thompson House

Vancouver, Canada

Splyce Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Building period
2017 – 2019

PDF project sheet

Facade material
Swisspearl Largo Carat Crystal 7010, Black Opal 7020

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