House on Haliburton Lake, Canada

House on Haliburton Lake, Canada

Country House on the Lake Shore

Located in a remote part of Ontario in Canada, this single-family house is built on a site that gently slopes down toward Haliburton Lake. By designing the house as a long, narrow volume facing south, all the principal spaces enjoy copious amounts of natural light and views through the trees down to the lake.

In contrast to the timber roof structure and the stone-clad walls on the lower level, the exterior upper façades orientated north, east, and west are clad in matte black Swisspearl panels of varying dimensions, some attached horizontally, some attached vertically. The design dissolves the boundaries between interior and exterior by extending the exterior façade materials in the interior. The southern façade facing the lake has been dematerialized with great expanses of glazing to soak in light and views.

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© David Whittaker, Toronto, Canada

The house is comprised of two intersecting volumes. A low-lying volume with a flat roof on the northern side is intersected by a higher double-story volume to the south with an inclined roof that echoes the slope of the site. By taking advantage of the sloping topography, +VG has been able to minimize the height of the house and integrate it into its natural surroundings on a forested hill. The communal areas—open-plan kitchen, living area, and dining area — are assembled on the upper floor overlooking the lake to the south, while the ancillary spaces are tucked away to the north. A deep, screened porch is located behind the living room fireplace. The massive stone chimney is a vertical accent in the otherwise horizontal composition. All four double bedrooms—two on the lower level and two on the upper level—are afforded views across the lake. As opposed to the open, day-lit spaces facing the view, the game room and entertainment area on the lower level are designed to be more enclosed.

© David Whittaker, Toronto, Canada
© David Whittaker, Toronto, Canada

The stone-paved entrance walkway slides beneath the cantilevered eaves to the north, which shelters the route from inclement weather. The use of timber ties the building into the forested landscape surrounding the house. The carefully calibrated combination of materials and the volumes with their deep eaves is reminiscent of traditional Japanese architecture. This spacious, light-filled house is a wonderful refuge from the noise and bustle of urban life.

© David Whittaker, Toronto, Canada

The horizontally laid façade material on the entrance side is continued inside the house. It envelops the ancillary rooms on the north side and gives the light-flooded room a strong backbone.


House on Haliburton Lake

Haliburton Lake, Ontario, Canada

+VG, Toronto, Canada

David Whittaker, Seattle, WA, USA

Muralis Architectural Products, North Vancouver, Canada

Building period
2017 – 2019

PDF project sheet

Facade material
Swisspearl Largo Avera AV020

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