Chloe on Madison Apartments, Seattle, USA

Chloe on Madison Apartments, Seattle, USA

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Located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Chloe on Madison is a vibrant, mixed-use residential block accommodating 137 units. Ankrom Moisan’s design achieves a careful balance between aesthetic and technical considerations and encourages a sense of community.

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© Lance La Breche, Cary, North Carolina

In Chloe on Madison apartments, the archi­tects have integrated versatile indoor-outdoor spaces and shared amenities to provide resi­dents with opportunities for interaction with fellow residents. From the moment of entry, residents are welcomed by a grand, double-volume atrium designed around a large LED light sculpture by the artist Ben Zamora. With the floor-to-ceiling windows viewing out to the garden and a grand staircase, Ankrom Moisan has delivered an impressive lobby space that surpasses general expectations of apartment living.

© Lance La Breche, Cary, North Carolina

The residential block has an L-shaped configuration, which was designed to juxtapose the active urban street junction with the quiet residential side street to the south. Conceived in two sections—an urban edge and private mews—the volumetric massing complements the surrounding architecture.

The house is positioned towards the urban intersection with a bright, regular façade structure. The massing along the urban edge showcases a strong uniform expres­sion with the use of clean, linear panels from Swisspearl’s Linearis collection, which evokes an upmarket aesthetic in the urban environ­ment. The entrance to the apartments is accentuated by chang­ing the color and structure of the façade.

A transition expressend in a facade

© Lance La Breche, Cary, North Carolina
© Lance La Breche, Cary, North Carolina

Off-shutter concrete encasing the retail areas creates a modern pedestrian experience. The transition from retail along the street to the residential entry is articulated by a change of color and pattern in the Swisspearl façade and window rhythm, which is punctuated with a three-meter cantilevered canopy, establishing both visual and physical separation of public and private zones.

Dark Largo Carat panels in a staggered pattern direct residents toward the main entrance. In contrast to the urban envi­ronment, the private areas of the apartment evoke a calm atmosphere. The versatile spaces and juxtaposed design elements of Chloe on Madison offer residents a home that reflects the vibrancy of Seattle’s Capitol Hill district.


Chloe on Madison

Seattle, USA

Ankrom Moisan, Seattle, WA

Lance La Breche, Cary, North Carolina

Element Architectural Products, Wilsonville, OR

Facade Contractor
LA Olson Construction Inc., Seattle, WA

Building period
2017 – 2019

PDF project sheet

Facade material
Swisspearl Largo Carat Black Opal 7024 and Swisspearl Linearis Carat Onyx 7099

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