Faces behind facades - Marketing and Communications Assistant

Faces behind facades - Marketing and Communications Assistant

Employee portrait – Marianne Figi

After studying and working in other areas of Switzerland, the position as Marketing Communications Assistant at Swisspearl gave Marianne the opportunity to join one of the biggest firms in the Canton of Glarus which is her home region. She joined the Swisspearl marketing team in 2018.

I’ve always been fascinated by the history of the company and the way the products have been developed and adapted over time.

Marianne Figi, Marketing Communications Assistant

Marianne Figi was born in Luchsingen (Glarus) in 1981. She studied tourism and marketing at the Academia Engiadina and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Chur. During her studies, she also worked as a ski instructor. When she started at Swisspearl in 2018, Marianne already had years of training and experience in tourism, marketing, and business administration. To enhance her professional profile, she is now taking advanced courses in corporate communication. She loves learning the kind of new skills she can apply straight away on the job.

Marketing has always appealed to her because, as she explains, “it’s creative and it involves communicating positively about a company and its products.” Besides German and Swiss-German, she also speaks fluent English, French, and Italian, and enjoys any opportunity to use her language skills, whether travelling abroad or working with business partners across Switzerland.

Closely connected to Switzerland and her home region Glarus

In her free time, she helps out in her family’s artisanal cheese-making business, the Käserei Schüpfen in Schwändi. Marianne’s father, now a retired dairy farmer, still makes cheese as a hobby in a little house just outside the nearby village of Schwändi, at the foot of the Vorder Glärnisch mountain. Her mother takes care of the administrative work. Marianne helps out with the production and — of course — is in charge of the marketing and the website.

It’s a different, more relaxing world here. This is where I come to unwind.

Marianne Figi, Marketing Communications Assistant

The repetitive, almost meditative rhythms of cheese-making and the weeks-long ripening process provide a relaxing contrast to office life, where agility, efficiency, and precise time management are key. Still, as Marianne points out, there is an element that links the two worlds: “In their own way, both are practical and down-to-earth, and that suits me.”

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